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​Imagine packing a bag to go away with. It has all the things you need just for that short time away, but after your trip, you never unpack, you just keep adding more and more 'stuff' to your bag, accumulating things along the way.


Imagine this bag contains all aspects of your life. Every experience you have, good and bad.


The good things are light, they brighten your day, make you feel happy.


The bad things are heavy, they bring you down, you feel low, lacking energy and motivation.


Do you really want to carry all those things around with you every step you make?

BR Headshots 2021 High Res -5_edited.jpg

Is it time for you to examine your baggage - what do you need to unpack and leave behind?

Personal growth is not about how much you accumulate, but how much you let go!

What in your life is pulling you under?

Perhaps you have reached a point in your life... a plateau - where you feel there is more to life than this ! You are tired of spinning all the plates, leaving very little in the pot for yourself. You give all of yourself and your energy to everyone else, there is no room for self-care. Your relationships with others suffer and you are unsure how to rectify this. There are dreams you have that seem too far away to even allow yourself to think possible. Or maybe you really want to make some BIG changes but really don't know where to begin. Do you feel dissatisfied with life, like there's something missing, but not sure what?

Have you completed your Healing Journey and are ready to embrace everything life has to offer you?

It could be something much simpler, but you know you are ready to rise to your greatness and awaken your dreams.



I have some questions...

Who are you?

What are you passionate about?

What is your lifes purpose?

What is missing that is preventing you from living your best life?

What changes do you need to make?

Do you struggle to answer these? Yes...then I can help

My Offer To You

Mind-set is everything.

When you have a positive mind-set, your glass is always half full, your pot is over-flowing with positivity, happiness, joy, excitement, abundance. When you have a negative mind-set, your glass is always half empty, your pot is over-flowing with negativity, anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy, sadness. The difference a change can make from negative to positive is huge.


Simple tweaks here and there, some small adjustments work wonders. How we view ourselves, the world around us and others, our relationships and the stories we tell ourselves can create imbalance in our lives. Being in complete alignment is a much healthier place to be. I want to and am passionate about helping you change that.


I will create a safe environment for you to connect with and explore what you truly want to achieve

I will hold space while you put this into the spoken word and verbalise

Support Group
Panoramic View

I will inspire you to think BIG

I will support you as you dig deep and lean into vulnerability

Waist Deep Fishing
Spending the Day Outside

I will motivate you to reach your desires

I will gently hold you accountable as you journey along to your destination

Holding Hands
Meditating on the Beach

I will motivate you to keep going, keep moving forward when things get tough

I will encourage you to seek moments of pure joy and celebrate your greatness


How do I know it is possible to make changes to your life so great that you literally GLOW!

Well, I know only too well what its like to feel stuck, knowing there is more to this short time known as life, but struggling to find my purpose and way forward through the fog. Living - not just existing ! Just going through the motions of daily life, falling exhausted into a restless sleep at night and waking to repeat the pattern all over again. It is possible to change this cycle, to break this pattern. I did - and I LOVE my life now. I flipped it. I am achieving all my dreams, my wishes are coming true, my desires are not just desires any more.

Anything is possible - trust me!

I haven't always been the empowered woman you see now. My journey to being the woman I am today, to finding my true authentic self, stepping into my power and finding my true purpose to become a Healer and Mindset Coach was not easy. My story may resonate with you!

I was living what I thought was a happy life with my family. I was a wife, a mum to 3 boys, a friend, a daughter, an employee. My then husband and I bought a property to make our forever home which needed much renovation, but we had time ! Or did we ? It was our dream, a location many envy with superb views and so much space to get lost in, but sadly the pressure was too much and along with many other outside influences, my marriage broke down in 2011.

Package Prices

We are all individuals, we all have different dreams, desires and visions. One size does not fit all!

I offer Bespoke packages to fit your personal needs and requirements. This will be discussed during the initial consultation call. Before the call, I will email you out a Questionnaire to complete which will give me some indication of where you are right now, what you feel your needs are and what you would like to achieve. There is no obligation after this call to take things any further, but it is a great opportunity to discuss your current position and way forward.


Bespoke Package

  • Agreed 90 mins session held via Zoom (fortnightly)

  • Guided Meditation bespoke to you

  • Unlimited email and Voxer support between sessions

  • Tasks, tools, resources and 'homework' specific to your needs and requirements

Contact me to discuss your package costs

Gradient Ocean

Introductory Package

  • 3 x 1 hour sessions held via Zoom

  • 1 x Guided Meditation

  • Email support between sessions


Introductory Package Price of £237

( 3 x 1 hourly sessions)

Create the story you want to tell...take that step today, lets have an informal chat

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