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Liz Voyle - Various

I first met Wendy when she did a Mcmillan coffee morning at her house and she was offering taster sessions of the treatments she provides. I had an Indian Head Massage which was amazing and booked in straight away for another treatment. I have had Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Eastern Acupressure Facial Massage, Moroccan Sacred Candlelight Back Massage all of which are amazing and leave me feeling calm, refreshed and relaxed.


I have also had Reiki and Body Balance Activation (BBA) both of which have helped me deal with some long standing physical and emotional health issues. I have become more confident and learnt how to deal with and respond to situations and issues more positively. After having Reiki and BBA I feel relaxed, mentally stronger, grounded and more able to face any difficult issues/situations that I may have going on at the time.


I attended the Meditation for beginners course, prior to starting I had done very little meditation and wasn't convinced it was for me. However it was amazing and I'm so glad I did it as the benefits of meditation are wonderful. I now meditate more regular and it allows me to refocus, ground myself, helps me cope with stressful situations and is a way for me to relax and have time for me.


I also attended Stress and Anxiety Workshops run by Wendy. These were great Workshops that allowed me to identify and build up a tool box of ways to deal with stress and anxiety, simple but effective things like breath work, being grateful, mediation, "me time". Also different ways to view the stress and anxiety that we may be facing which then allows us to manage it more effectively and calmly. This workshop helped me to work through and overcome some personal issues that were causing me stress and anxiety at the time. I have then been able to use my tool box of coping strategies at other times in my life when I have experienced stress and anxiety.


I highly recommend Wendy and the treatments and therapies she offers. From the moment you walk through her door you will feel the calmness of Wendy, her home and the treatment room.  Wendy is a caring, loyal, honest, calming, non-judgemental and experienced professional who provides a range of excellent alternative treatments and therapies.  Wendy has supported and helped me a great deal over the past few years and I am grateful to her for this.

Lenka - Indian Head Massage

I recently had the Indian Head Massage - again !  It's one of my favourites (don't wash your hair before you go) but OH MY GOD !  It's heaven ! It really clears your head and releases all sorts of emotions and tension.  This Indian Head is the best I've ever had, it's divine !

Lyndsey - Body Balance Activation

I was sceptical about Body Balance Activation but I had trusted Wendy with other recommendations she had made and I didn't think there was anything to lose in trying it.  I have suffered from anxiety and depression on and off for the past 20 years. Part of that manifests as emotional eating.  In addition to this, I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.


After my first session of BBA my emotional eating was curbed for 2 whole weeks, the longest I had managed in over a year ! A further couple of sessions had me sleeping better and in less pain.  Alongside the meditation and techniques  to manage my anxiety Wendy had taught me, I have been able to come off my medication and generally feel happier, healthier and in control of my stress and anxiety issues.  It may sound weird, but it has helped me immensely.  Just lay back and let Wendy talk to your body, what have you got to lose ?

Sarah - Crystal Healing

I have had an interest in crystals for years and always wanted to try crystal healing. Iv had appointments previously with Wendy and was so excited when Crystal Healing was now an option following the completion of her course. 


Upon the first body scan that Wendy did, she picked up the most accurate information about how I was feeling or any physical feelings I had. She then placed crystal on various places on my body and I could instantly feel the buzz and a "charge" like feeling. Throughout the crystal healing I felt a couple of feelings at specific areas Wendy was working with and find it fascinating that despite having my eyes closed I could physically tell where Wendy was working. 


During one specific appointment I felt an intense sensation and pain on my left hip, without mentioning anything or letting on about this Wendy asked if everything was ok and had also picked up on this same location. Within 5 minutes this pain eased and felt almost hollow like something had been physically removed. I had been struggling with some pain around that area for a couple of months and since Wendy had worked her magic on this area, this pain to date hasn't returned. 


The crystal healing treatment is one of the most relaxing appointments I have had, and after each treatment I can only explain it as feeling like a feather, and this easily continues for days/weeks thereafter. 


I have gone from suffering with some physical pains and side effects such as food intolerances, to now not having those pains or symptoms since leaving the treatment room. I am honestly amazed at how Wendy and her crystals can literally make such an impact on something I have been struggling with for years and tried so many solutions to try and help with. 


Crystal healing with Wendy was an absolute treat that I really look forward to attending each week and my love for crystals has grown even further now I know how much they can help in the hands of the right healer. 

Charlotte - Thai Foot Massage

Last  night I experienced the Thai Foot massage.  I didn't really know what to expect but oh my goodness !! Relaxing is an understatement.  It feels like my whole body has had a treatment.  At times it felt like my feet didn't belong to me.  A truly wonderful treatment - highly recommended !

Jen - Distant Reiki 

As a busy, working Mum, I rarely spend any time or energy on self-care and tend to neglect my emotional needs. After speaking to a friend who highly recommended Reiki with Wendy, I decided I needed to stop living life on auto-pilot and invest in myself.


I have had the pleasure of receiving 3 sessions of distant Reiki from Wendy so far, and I can honestly say it has been a mind blowing experience!


During each session I experience an incredibly  profound and extremely deep sense of relaxation and peace, such a wonderful feeling! After each session I always feel very nurtured and better able to acknowledge my thoughts and feelings, which is far healthier than suppressing them, like I usually do!


The combination of Wendy’s innate kindness, spirituality and gentle manner are just magical and I have and will continue to recommend her as an amazing healer.

Amanda - Coaching

I have worked with coaches previously over the years and am aware that all coaches have different approaches and one size does not fit all. My business had seen considerable growth over recent months, there had been lots of changes, one being moving to a city centre location from my garden workshop and also becoming the main income for my household. The transition was tough for me to accept and the change of mindset from being a home business to a sustainable and successful one was taking its toll on my mental health. Throw into that mix the Pandemic that had an impact on my business at a time I was trying to increase sales. My biggest barrier preventing my growth was my own self sabotage, being resistant to change and struggling to shake off imposter syndrome. I had been operating my business for 7 years, but it had moved to another level and I had to keep up and embrace the demand.


Having been a Client of Wendy's for many years, I had absolute faith in her ability to coach me through this difficult time. Wendy was spot on, she was able to support me in both aspects, business and mental support. In particular my health and wellbeing had suffered a great deal over the past few months and as a result of Wendy's coaching, I am regularly making time for myself a priority. I was a little apprehensive about entering a coaching series as I knew I had a lot of "mental clutter" to sort out. It was also a little daunting as I knew Wendy quite well and I didn't want our friendship to be affected. I needn't have worried. Wendy was so professional from the offset and made it clear she had my back. After our first session, I felt a little unsettled. It clarified that I wanted my business to succeed and failure just wasn't an option, but it also made me realise it wasn't going to be a quick fix. It gave me a lot to think about.


We've now completed the coaching and the changes I have noticed mostly are having clarity, a clearer thought process, which has pleasantly surprised me. I have been able to deal with pressures far better due to the coaching and will continue with this. Having a clearer head has allowed me to take each day at a time and I am much more mindful of the decisions I make rather than diving in head first, which was ultimately how I was running my business previously. Giving myself headspace to do all tasks in a mindful manner. I still get some anxiety moments, but I have repackaged this into excitement rather than a debilitating state of mind. I keep myself in check and often and practice breathwork as coached by Wendy, allowing myself time out when things get too much. I have made some changes at home too to take the pressure off myself. With Wendy's coaching, I realised I needed to focus on the stressful parts of my life and how I could manage them better. I have now enrolled the family into helping more at home with meals and this has relieved a lot of pressure. Coaching enabled me to sift through what was a priority and important to me, taking certain issues out of the equation reduced the worry, which had become a huge issue for me.


The result is I am now focusing on healthier personal habits for me, a huge personal bonus. My mind has more clarity, which in turn is having a positive impact on all the other aspects of my life - RESULT !


Three words I would describe my coaching with Wendy - EMPOWERING ~ WORTHWHILE ~ ENJOYABLE


On a personal note, Wendy has been a powerful influencer in my life, I consider her not just a great friend, but a very wise one too. I find myself thinking in difficult situations 'what would Wendy do'. Sorry Wendy, but it's how I feel and I know you are probably cringing right now. Wendy never judges or criticises and can always see a different perspective or a different angle to approach a situation. I feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity to work with Wendy and I would have no hesitation in returning for further coaching in the future.

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