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Eastern Acu-pressure Facial Massage

  • 45 min
  • 40 British pounds
  • Overton

Service Description

The ancient Chinese treatment of acu-pressure has been practiced and perfected for over 5000 years! It was discovered that by pressing certain points of the body, pain or disease were alleviated – and often in regions of the body remote from the pain or pressure point! By pressing certain meridian/reflex points in the face, not only are there benefits to the facial area but for the whole body. Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage is a wonderful face, scalp and neck massage using the special techniques of oriental acupressure point massage, lymphatic drainage and western massage to smooth and plump your face like a natural face lift. Your Eastern Facial massage will incorporate various techniques that will leave your skin feeling plumped, smoothed and your whole body rejuvenated. The cosy candlelit therapy room welcomes you in, encouraging you to leave all your stresses behind. Sink into the warm therapy couch where you to begin to relax as you are wrapped in warm blankets. Some breathwork relaxes you further as some firm pressure to your body grounds you, bringing awareness to your whole body as it begins to melt as the tension drops away. By the end of the treatment you will be extremely relaxed. Time will be given for you to come fully back to the moment, fully grounded and refreshed. You will be offered a refreshing glass of crystal infused water or a warm cup of herbal tea. Benefits for the face • Improvement of muscular tone and facial contours, including the area between the nose and the mouth (specifically a problem for smokers) • Stimulation of circulation and nutrient flow to the facial skin • Promotes an effective lymphatic flow and removal of toxins • Glowing and healthier looking complexion due to improved skin oxygen levels • Soothing of forehead wrinkles, creases between the browns and "crows feet" • Alleviation of sinus problems and improvement of air flow • Reduction of puffiness around the eyes • Reduction of facial spasms, tics and nervous twitches • Reduction in pain associated with toothache and migraine • May help to prevent hair loss For the Body • Balancing energy levels and general flow of Chi • Eases stress and feelings of anxiety • Stabilises and balancing of emotions • Improved sleep and feeling of well-being • Correction of hunger and appetite issues

Contact Details

  • Overton, UK

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