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Mindful Me Workshops

  • 2 hours
  • Price On Request
  • Overton

Service Description

The Mindful Me Workshop has been created to cover Stress and Anxiety management. I know how debilitating stress and anxiety can be having suffered at the hands of it myself in the past, but am very pleased to say that there is no longer a place for it in my life. I took back control using all the techniques I will share with you in this Workshop and now I am much happier, calmer and peaceful. • Do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, low mood and an overthinker ? • Do you often feel your thoughts are negative rather than positive. You tend to see the worst in situations and always the worst case scenario ? • Do you often have self limiting beliefs about yourself, such as you're not good enough, you're stupid, you let people down, you're self-critical and lack self-compassion, self-love and give yourself very little self-care, always putting yourself at the bottom of the priority ladder ? • Do you find it difficult to say NO and set boundaries. Do you give in easily and feel a push over ? • Do you hold onto things from the past? Do you find it difficult to let things go and hold onto grudges ? Do you think of all the things you haven't got in your life as opposed to what you do have ? • What do you do for yourself? Are you mindful when you do it ? How much time do you give to yourself each day ? If you have answered YES to any of the above, then this Workshop is for you. If you have answered YES to any of the above, then this Workshop is for you. The aim of this 7 week Workshop is to enable you to 'take back control', giving you a 'Tool Box' of skills and techniques which will enable you to enjoy life, love yourself completely, let go of any stress, anxiety and worries and be someone on the road to being at peace with yourself. You'll also make new friends, realise you're not alone, have fun and be smiling from ear to ear! There will be a variety of education, relaxation, fun and laughter, but most of all a journey to a happier, more peaceful you. Places are limited as I don't want to over-fill the precious space and time we have available. A smaller circle enables us to connect to each other to be able to hold valuable space for one another and more importantly, be who you absolutely need to be in a safe space. Please be assured that everything is held in absolute confidentiality between all present. x7 Classes at 2 Hours each are advised - Price On Request

Contact Details

  • Overton, UK


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