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  • Wendy Butler

Are you ready for a healing journey?

  • Do you feel you are stuck, cannot move forward with your life, even though you want to?

  • Do you feel dissatisfied with life, like there's something missing, but not sure what?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, too many plates spinning and balls up in the air?

  • Do you wake each morning feeling dread in the pit of your stomach, anxiety rising at the thought of the day ahead and how you are going to get through it?

  • Are you having trouble dealing with something in particular, maybe a feeling unheard, scared to voice your opinion or thoughts?

  • Are you holding onto past traumas, unable to let go?

Trauma happens to us all and it looks and feels different to each and every one of us. It could simply be a spoken word from childhood which embeds in the cells of our body and causes issues in adulthood. Quite often trauma comes back to haunt us and displays as physical symptoms.

"We repeat what we don't repair"

Life throws curve balls at us all the time. When we are functioning in full balance, meaning our body, mind & soul are in complete alignment, we are able to manage life with ease, and are able to negotiate all the ups and downs. When we are out of alignment, life feels hard work and we feel unable to cope.

Are you thriving or just surviving?

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain"

When we are fully in alignment, we live our best life. We don't lose ourselves in the midst of everything going on around us. We flow and feel happy, content and at ease with everything we have in life, full of gratitude for the small things in life.

Are you living your best life?

"Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence" Aristotle

The healing journey consists of a variety of steps, and there is no "one size fits all" with the process. I pull together and use all modalities to ensure your journey best fits you and your circumstances. Situations and life stages can bury themselves deep within you, that not even you are aware are affecting you. This is where I can help unpeel those layers and provide a nurturing environment throughout your journey.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease with me, allowing a vulnerability to enable healing to take place. Healing allows you to move forward with your life in a positive way, to be your true authentic self and to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul as you move confidently through the journey of life. A strong connective relationship is built between us, and client confidentiality is always at the forefront.

​My desire is to hold non-judgmental safe space for you to open up old wounds, peel back layers, remove barriers to growth in a constructive and honest manner with an empathetic heart. I will be your active listener, your guiding hand and your cheerleader. I will encourage you to dig deep, inspire you to think big and support you to develop your own true authenticity, which in turn will lead you to a rich and fulfilling life. This will be an immersive experience that brings all areas of your life together into one harmonious union.

  • Are YOU ready to be vulnerable?

  • Are YOU ready to delve deep and peel back the layers, release the past, let go of all that is holding you back and preventing you from living a happy and fulfilled life?

  • Are YOU ready to step into your true authentic self?

  • Are YOU ready for some self discovery and journeying inward?

  • Are YOU ready to become an empowered version of yourself? Is it time to begin that transformation?

We are all on a unique and wonderful journey and I would love to walk alongside YOU as you embark on YOURS.

To find out more about the Healing Journey, visit here.

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