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Body Balance Activation

What is Body Balance Activation?

Body Balance Activation or BBA for short, is an Energy Healing modality. The intention is to strengthen your connection to who you really are, unblocking and releasing anything that poses limitations and inhibits you from fulfilling your full potential.

“Through this modality, we come to understand that our physical dimension is a manifestation of our thoughts and emotions, and that our thoughts and emotions are an indication of the quality of our connection to our stream of well-being, our source. It is our intention to strengthen your connection to who you really are, so that you can evolve past the limitations that you see in your physical reality to fulfill the potential that you chose for yourself for this life time.” ~ Tracy White, Creator of Body Balance Activation

Will I benefit from a BBA session?

Everyone will benefit from a BBA session, but particularly those who experience their lives as a struggle, whether that is short or long term. There are times when our emotional and mental imbalances manifest as physical ailments and symptoms. BBA can help to release these blockages.

How are the Session done?

Body Balance Activation works on 5 levels. It is possible to work on all 5 levels in one session, if the body allows, however this is usually built up over a period of time. Each session continues the work from the last one and the result is exponential. The 5 Levels are broken down between your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, your collective consciousness body and your stream of wellbeing to your source. You remain fully clothed, you will be made comfortable, either resting on the therapy couch or sat in a chair. Sessions can also be undertaken as distance healing.

Our Intention

It is our intention to create a space where relaxation and allowing is as natural as breathing and where healing is simply the aligning of energy. All of this work is calibrated according to your innate wisdom. It is our wish to encourage and assist each being to create the lives they came here to live.

What can you expect from a BBA session?

Everyone’s experience of a BBA session is personal to them. You will almost always feel relaxed throughout, sometimes drifting into a very deep state of relaxation. You may ‘feel’ shifts of energy, you may ‘see’ colours, your body may ‘feel’ heavy as though you are being held firmly, but not in an unpleasant way. These are just some of the things Clients have fed back after their session has ended. Some leave from the session feeling extremely tired and needing to rest afterwards, listening to your body and go with whatever you feel you need is always advised. Some people feel full of energy whereas before the session they felt lethargic and lifeless. Almost always, you will feel ‘different’.

It is our main focus to establish a clear connection with your energy stream, with the essence of who you really are. The side effect of that is healing, sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally, sometimes mentally, always in alignment with your innate wisdom.

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