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What to expect when you visit Escape & Rebalance

For those of you who haven’t visited Escape & Rebalance yet, perhaps you are wondering what to expect if you were to come along for a treatment. Let me give you a little tour ……

I run my business from a Therapy room in my home, so I am not your typical ‘Salon’ and don’t even try to be. I live in the quirky village of Overton, a drive through green open countryside with unique views to help you to relax and unwind and have a calming effect on you before you reach the door. My house is situated at the other side of the village at the end of a private unmade road. I am the very last house on the lane and there is plenty of free parking available. Park your car up and absorb the stunning views across to Sunderland Point and beyond, on a clear day, Blackpool Tower is visible. Breathe in and fill your lungs with that clear, fresh air. If you visit after dark, take in the calm and stillness around and if you’re in luck, maybe the moon will be shining down.

You will be welcomed by myself with a friendly smile through our front door where I will take you through to the Therapy Room. Depending on when you visit, my family may be at home, but this very rarely causes any issues and I would mention this at the time of booking to confirm you are comfortable with this.

The Therapy Room has a lovely light & airy feel to it and many visitors comment on its calming and peaceful effect. I usually have something nice and scented burning or diffusing and the flicker of candles are usually in abundance. I love Buddha’s and Angels and these are dotted around the room, keeping a caring eye over anyone who enters. Once in the therapy room, the views across the Lune Estury offer an instant state of calm.

On your first visit, we will have a detailed discussion about your requirements and what you expect to gain from the treatment. There is no need to worry about this as it is very lighthearted, relaxed and absolutely non-judgmental. I am here to help. I am very laid back and my main area of concern at this time, is that you feel absolutely safe, relaxed and comfortable. If you have never experienced any treatments previously you may be feeling nervous and vulnerable. This is completely normal and I will do my very best to ensure that you feel relaxed.

To enable me to deliver the best service I can to you, I will need to take a detailed history of any medical issues. This is important to ascertain whether there are any contradictions to any chosen treatment.

I pride myself on my warm and friendly approach. I am very relaxed and you will find that I am easy to chat to. My aim is for you to leave after your treatment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and wondering why you haven’t been sooner. It may be that you only come for one treatment, it may be that you come for a series of treatments, you’re welcome will always be the same.

Over the last 3 years I have built up a very solid client base and find people return time and time again because of the welcome they receive, the relaxed atmosphere and the quality of the treatments. I am very pleased to say that many of my Clients are now friends.

“Enter as a strangers, leave as friends”

I am passionate about treating the body, mind & spirit as a whole and in particular helping and supporting Clients suffering from stress and anxiety and those seeking to regain and restore some balance and equilibrium to their lives.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to Escape & Rebalance.

Much Love

Wendy x

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